15. Bastione Tognon

The Bastione Tognon, built in 1552, still preserves visible remnants of the Lion of St. Mark, partially destroyed by Napoleon. This is the fifth bastion of the Venetian fortress.

A notable feature during the final period of use by the Austrian army was the installation of an optical telegraph. This telegraph was crucial as it enabled communication between the fortress of Peschiera, the Forte di Pastrengo, and the command center in Verona. It created a triangulation necessary to overcome the hills that obstructed direct communication with Verona. Additionally, it connected the Forte di Pastrengo with the artillery system at Punta San Vigilio to deter potential naval raids.

The Bastione Tognon is accompanied by its Counter Bastion, which served as a defensive barrier against bombardments from the northeast.

Walking along the Bastione Tognon, you’re nearing the end of the walking tour of the fortress. But first, observe the Bastione Feltrin.

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