Commerce District

The Commercial Hub Arilicense is the name by which the Veneto Region has recognized the Urban Commerce District of Peschiera del Garda.


Thanks to resources made available through dedicated regional grants, the Commercial Hub Arilicense promotes actions to enhance local economic activities with structural redevelopment (interventions on public spaces), environmental sustainability (sustainability initiatives), and territorial promotion and animation.

Actions of the Hub

Open Arilica Project (2021-2024): The project aims to enhance the territory and improve the quality of life for its citizens through a series of structural interventions and innovative initiatives.

Porta Brescia

Restoration of Porta Brescia

One of the main structural interventions was the restoration of Porta Brescia, an important historical testimony of the city. This restoration not only preserves the precious historical heritage recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site but also makes it more accessible and welcoming to both citizens and visitors. It significantly contributes to strengthening the cultural identity of Peschiera, enriching the experience of those who visit.


Smart Bins

The first smart bins were installed in the historic center, capable of optimizing waste collection. These bins compact waste up to five times their volume, are powered by solar panels, and notify via email when they need to be emptied. Equipped with ashtrays, they help keep the city clean, reducing management costs and CO2 emissions.

Municipio Peschiera del Garda

Territorial Animation

During the Christmas holidays, numerous activities were organized to animate the territory, enliven the historic center, and promote local commerce. These included unique Christmas installations like the "forest of lights" in Parco Catullo and light displays on the bridges, creating an original and festive atmosphere. Additionally, animation events, shows for children, exhibitions, and "Musical Corners" ensured excellent media visibility and a significant influx of visitors, benefiting local businesses.

Premio Attività Commerciali

Business Initiatives

About twenty businesses in the historic center received financial support for improving public spaces outside their activities. The benefit was granted in 2023 for the purchase of outdoor furniture (planters, bins, umbrellas, displays, awnings), façade improvements, as well as urban decor and environmental sustainability interventions. To recognize and celebrate local excellence, the "Commercial Activities Award" was established. In 2024, this award was given to commercial enterprises operating for at least 50 years in Peschiera del Garda. In the future, the award may also be given for other achievements by commercial operators.


GREEN Transition Initiatives

Local businesses participated in a training program aimed at reducing plastic use and promoting reuse. Beneficiary businesses of the urban furniture grant received special kits containing: a set of single-use cloth bags, the "formarsi per non fermarsi" guide dedicated to retailers, a flyer, and a bookmark (printed on recycled paper) with key information for responsible shopping. Many other actions are planned for the coming months!

The Open Arilica project represents a concrete commitment to sustainability, the enhancement of cultural heritage, and support for local commercial activities. It contributes to making the city a more livable and attractive place.