11. Palazzina Storica

The Command Building of the Stronghold, erected in 1854, is also known as the “Palazzina Storica” because the Inter-Allied Conference of 1917 was held there during the Great War.

This meeting took place immediately after the defeat at Caporetto, which cost Italy 400,000 men. Representatives of Italy, including King Vittorio Emanuele III, along with those from Great Britain and France, met in Peschiera del Garda to analyze the military situation and devise necessary countermeasures.

The decisions made at Peschiera were crucial for the subsequent conduct of the war and the counteroffensives of 1918. Inside the Historical Building, in the historical hall, there is a painting that commemorates this historic conference.

The Historical Building also houses the World War I Museum and hosts interesting exhibitions of classical and contemporary art throughout the year.

The last building facing Parco Catullo is the Officers’ Pavilion (Padiglione degli Ufficiali). Continuing along the gate to its left, you will find the entrance to the inner gardens of the Historical Building, from which you can reach Punti Belvedere.

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