Peschiera 360°

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Peschiera del Garda is also celebrated through an innovative application that allows anyone to visit the city while staying at home. This way, anyone is able to fully enjoy the experience with very high video quality and content. Peschiera 360 ° fully reflects the characteristics of the city which, despite its thousand-year history, constantly looks to the future with attention and foresight.
With this service, you can observe the city from a 360° aerial view. Sights and places of cultural interest are highlighted with icons.
By clicking on these icons, the user is either instantly moved to the highlighted place or will receive further information about the point of interest.

Among the areas of interest within Peschiera del Garda, there will also be the opportunity to virtually visit the Fishing Museum, the Church, the Square, the Excavations, the Port, the Ramparts and the Boat Tour around the walls.

From the aerial views or from the path on the ground, the visitor will have the opportunity to enter, for example, the Fishing Museum and virtually visit the rooms enriched with additional information (descriptions, videos, photos) of the various objects inside.

An important feature of this project is the scalability of all its contents. Once completed, it will be extremely simple to update or implement it at any time, it will be editable in descriptive content, points of interest but also with new stations and routes. It will be able to grow on a par with communication needs and to keep up with the times. It will be possible to insert new contents by type and different genres.

This tool can be used by the Administration, by accommodation facilities, by activities promoting the territory and by anyone who can contribute, also through this tool, to the promotion and enhancement of the Peschiera del Garda territory and its unique characteristics. It can act as a “suggestion” for the tourists already present in the area or for those who are looking for a new place to visit.

The Virtual Tour will be available online to anyone.

This tool combines Virtual Reality and immersive experience, new technologies that are increasingly part of everyone’s everyday life.