Voltoni’s Bridge

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4. Voltoni’s Bridge

The Ponte dei Voltoni, of which the characteristic five arches are easily recognized, was built in 1556. The Veneto governor, Iacobo Gauro, whose commemorative plaque, on the façade of the house in Via Dante can still be seen, directed the building works, immediately after the construction of the fortress.

Leaving the bridge, passing under the vault closest to Piazza Ferdinando di Savoia, there stood the fixed fishing station, called Pescarezzo. These fixed fishing stations were characteristic of Peschiera del Garda and were even mentioned in Roman times in the writings of Pliny the Elder.

Today, the last sign of these stations remains on Lake Garda. Recently restored, as a historical memory and museum, today it can be seen from Lungolago Bonomi or thanks to the guided boat tour service. The Ponte dei Voltoni is today one of the most characteristic images of Peschiera del Garda. Let’s cross the bridge to reach the former Hapsburg military quarter.