The official “Peschiera” app

Includes all the information you need about the town you live in, and is the best way to find out what’s going on: from notifications of arts, cultural and sporting events, to information on services for both local people and visitors.

“iTown” is the first and only pioneering communication tool aimed at creating a network of Italian towns, and enabling sharing of events, promotions and magazines in local areas.

  • Searches in all languages, even offline

    The app recognises your device’s language setting and shows all categories and key information in your chosen language

  • Events in your town and other “iTown” towns

    Get information on major events in your local area with real-time updates on dates, times and geolocation

  • Promotions and profiles shared with other “iTown” apps

    No need to download a new app every time you want to find a nearby company or promotion, you’ll find them all in the “Showcase” network

  • Magazines in pdf format that can also be viewed offline

    Download pdf magazines from the “news-stand” section and view them offline anywhere, at any time

  • Up-to-date weather information

    Plan your day according to the weather forecast

  • Keep up to date with push notifications

    Get information and updates directly and in real time, and you’ll never miss out on anything again

Download Peschiera's Official App